The Perfect Infant Car Seat You can Choose Now

The Perfect Infant Car Seat You can Choose Now

Parents have the choice between purchasing an ECE R44 / 04 or UN R129 (I-Size) seat. In the ECE R44 / 04 regulation, car seats are classified by group 2 in 1 bouncer and swing, according to the weight of the child.

  • Group 0: from birth, up to 10 kilos. Carrycot
  • Group 0+: from birth up to 13 kilos. Shell
  • The 0 + 1 group: from birth to 18 kilos. Car seat with harness
  • Group 1: from 9 to 18 kilos. Car seat with shield
  • Group 1/2/3: from 9 to 36 kilos. Car seat with harness
  • Group 2/3: includes booster seats with or without backrest for children from 15 to 36 kilos.

Note: The UN R129 (I-Size) regulation is based on the size of the child to determine whether a car seat is suitable. It therefore does not take in the classifications of seats by group. To choose your car seat, ask a specialist dealer for advice. For infant car seat selection this is important.

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Car seat: in the front or in the back?

Children must be seated in the rear of the vehicle as a priority . It is, however, permitted to seat a child less than 10 years of age in the front if: the latter is installed rearward-facing in a seat intended for this use; the car does not have a rear seat or a seat belt in the back. The rear seats of the vehicle cannot be used or already occupied by children under 10 years old. In this case, remember to deactivate the airbag.

Safety advice

Choose the car seat carefully according to the size, weight and age of the child as well as the corresponding classifications by group.

Install the car seat respecting the mounting systems, positions, position and comfort of the child. According to the latest barometer), by car, 45% of children under the age of 3 have already traveled poorly attached, or not attached at all. The rate reaches 59% for 2-3 years. More than one in 10 children under the age of 3 have traveled without being strapped in.

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Do not buy used equipment

A car seat is protective equipment. We must therefore be extremely vigilant in the face of the risks involved. A second-hand car seat may have a too old and outdated homologation, an absence of instructions to install it or an assembly error. It may also be unsuitable for the height or weight of the child. A simple collision can be fatal: at 50km / h, the violence of the impact is equivalent to a fall from the 3rd floor of a building.

If a child is under 10, his seat is in the back of the car. But according to experts, 2 out of 3 children are not properly restrained in the car. To avoid these risks, responsible behavior must be adopted, starting with the choice of the car seat. “It is better to take a shell seat than a carrycot. Even if it is more comfortable for the baby, it does not maintain it as well,”explains Armand Chouchana, pediatrician at the American Hospital in Paris. Another golden rule: the child must be installed in a restraint device specific to his age, weight and morphology, which meet standards approved at European level.

What is the double stroller and How It Is Used Perfectly

What is the double stroller and How It Is Used Perfectly

The right stroller will be the one that best meets your needs and your lifestyle. Points to check before buying:

Folding the stroller

Make sure that the folding, according to the proposed mode “umbrella” (lengthwise), “frame folding” (flat, therefore wider) is as simple as possible. You must be able to reproduce the seller’s actions without hesitation baby journey blog. If you often have to fold your double stroller, choose a model that folds with one hand so that you can keep your baby in your arms. Also useful: a locking system to block it when folded.

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The seat of the stroller

It should be comfortable and, preferably, reclining. From birth, the seat should tilt flat. Afterwards, a reclined position is essential for children who still take a nap often.

The stroller frame

Ask “daddy with big arms” to test his resistance by manipulating the uprights (lateral movements, support, etc.). Also check that the frame clips engage easily when you install the carrycot or seat-shell.

The wheels of the stroller

The wider they are, the more they absorb shocks, and the more comfortable the stroller is. But, suddenly, it is also more bulky. In town, small swivel wheels are preferable because they are more manageable.

Dressing the stroller

It must be made of thick, waterproof fabric, to protect the child from cold and humidity, removable and washable.

The weight of the stroller

For a city dweller, the lighter the stroller, the better! Especially if you need to carry or store it.

Even better if the stroller has an adjustable handlebar (depending on the size of the parents).

  • A centralized braking system.
  • Rain cover.
  • A large basket to store the groceries.
  • An anti-UV canopy with window at the back to keep baby in the eye.
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What about second-hand equipment ?

Parts essential to the safety of your baby can be damaged despite their apparent good condition, hygiene conditions are no longer respected after successive uses, and you do not always have the assembly, use and precaution instructions.

Strollers that know how to adapt

Baby strollers from birth are often modular: they allow you to attach a hammock, of course, a shell seat (in other words, a gr 0+ and i-Size car seat) or a carrycot to the same frame. This is a very appreciable 3 in 1 which, if it represents a larger investment, has the advantage of growing with your child (from birth to around 3 years old). This system can also be useful for children of close ages. Thus, on the same double stroller, parents can, depending on the age of their children, install a carrycot for the youngest and a hammock for the oldest.

Is it possible to find a stroller that is easy to use and store, maneuverable and reliable? Absolutely! Here are the different criteria to evaluate before buying.

What type of stroller to choose?

Before choosing a stroller, think about your needs will you be using it for walks in the park or forest getaways? Also consider the weight (especially if you do not live on the ground floor) as well as the space occupied by the stroller when closed (if you have little storage). Here are the main types of strollers available on the market.

McAfee Antivirus Plus- 3 Users Review

McAfee Antivirus Plus- 3 Users Review

Getting a virus-free computer had become a myth for me especially with the regular formatting that I was required to keep it in the working condition. I had tried several antiviruses to ensure the maximum performance of my PC and today I have the solution named McAfee Antivirus Plus – 3 Users cryptocurrency wallet malaysia.  When I searched over the internet bout the top ten antiviruses used around the globe, I found some terrible applications. McAfee Antivirus Plus- 3 Users was certainly able to outperform most of these because I have personally used them all.

McAfee AntiVirus 2019 review: Fast, reliable PC protection | Windows Central


You can purchase a copy of McAfee Antivirus Plus – 3 Users form Amazon. You are offered free shipping and can use it for three individual users.  On the packaging, it says Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, and Anti Phishing. New McAfee is something unique because it offers a two-way firewall 10kb systems sdn bhd, which is a rare feature. Yet another reason why people consider it very useful is website safety ratings. Online shopping is something you do quite frequently and making payment through an insecure network connection is quite risky, but McAfee Antivirus Plus- 3 Users allows you to stay away from such risks. It is an award-winning product. It does not take long to get installed, which is often an extremely complex procedure with some of the Anti-Virus that you may have used in the past. 

Technical Specifications

Here are some of the blistering features that make a PC work free and smooth with McAfee Antivirus Plus- 3 Users.

Complete protection is the prime and most important feature that any Anti-Virus application should possess and McAfee Antivirus Plus – 3 Users is completely up to the mark in this regard. Email attachments, Trojan, spyware, rootkits, Anti- Malware make sure nothing gets past without scanning. Anti-bot protection lets you identify the stealthy bonnet software that leaks personal information. These are software that after installation redirects a computer to a risky web page. Hacking is one of the most dangerous activities that you and everyone would want to stay protected from and the additional security layer for the internet does this for users. 

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There are some very obvious benefits of using McAfee Antivirus Plus- 3 Users. First of all, it does not let you open any USB drive before it is scanned, almost like a strict guide.  Internet surfing was never safer as it is with the use of this antivirus program. It works perfectly since even the websites are judged itself even before clicking on the mentioned links. Before downloading an attachment, it will let you know the safety issues.


All in all anyone and everyone who has been through such experiences and is looking for an Anti Virus program that works should try it for once.  It is McAfee Antivirus Plus- 3 Users that makes you aware of the security risks opened with the usage of online payment modes. You will be satisfied with the performance level. It is a must to have for 100% security of your PC.

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Equipped offices VS traditional offices

Equipped office spaces have an average annual cost that can be 20% less than a traditional office. However, not all types of businesses are well suited to this model of space.

An equipped office center or a traditional office: Which system is best suited to your business? Read the following guide carefully, and you will know what the main characteristics of each system are so that you can make the most appropriate decision for your business.

Equipped offices

Equipped offices are coworking places that offer work area solutions that are tailored to the needs of each client, be it a freelancer, an established company, or a start-up that has just started its activity. They are ready-to-use solutions, the person simply connects their computer and starts working without having to worry about anything else, and in a simpler way than establishing a conventional office.

Currently, it is possible to contract services within shared offices around the world. More and more companies are opting to participate in this model that allows saving up to 20% of annual expenses vs. which would mean the installation of a traditional office. But the economy is not the only one of the benefits to be obtained from this class of tailor-made services.

They are workspaces that offer office solutions tailored to the needs of each client and whose facilities are ready to use at any time. When a freelancer or company requires an office, they only have to hire the necessary space, choose the services they require, and begin to enjoy the workspace. On the contrary, traditional offices require more rigid rental contracts, purchase furniture, contract the installation of services such as telephony and internet, register other services such as electricity, water, cleaning, etc …

In addition, equipped office providers offer facilities located in the most strategic areas of urban centers, being able to find business centers and coworking spaces in the nerve and financial centers of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as in the main cities of the country.

Leasing contracts for an office with services can range from a few months to several years, assuming a high level of flexibility, which is also a key issue in business centers and coworking centers. While in a traditional office, there is a limit of people, in…